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This is a turnkey project: your smart kitchen is ready-to-go in one month only


Just focus on cooking.


Start your virtual brand and experiment with new ones.


Accelerate your Food Start-Up and reach your return of investment in a very short term.


Technology first: integrated technology, from tax to order management, including multi-brand


Services: exclusive advantages with suppliers and positioning on the main delivery partners

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We have built a 2.0 operating system through a collection of the best food-technologies that help to optimize all aspects of CLOUD KITCHEN in real time, maximizing efficiency.

A kitchen for Delivery & Pickup

An innovative kitchen sharing

A dedicated showcase

A Food Start-up Accelerator


Our kitchens are as technological, professional and functional as those of a real restaurant at a responsible cost. For all our restaurant partners, this means focusing on preparation and serving more customers in a shorter period of time and in the most efficient way possible, without bureaucratic and logistical obstacles. Join the Kuiri cloud kitchen network to launch your virtual brands … an investment in your future.


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